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Institute of Silviculture (Institut für Waldbau)
Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences
BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
A-1190 Wien, Peter Jordanstr. 82

room: 02/138 (Schwackhöferhaus, 2nd floor)

Katharina Albrich

... is currently employed as a research assisstant at the Institute of Silviculture.

Her doctoral thesis within the project RESIN (Forest disturbance in a changing world) is centered around investigating questions of resilience in forest ecosystems as well as historical and future disturbances regimes in the forests of central Europe. Methodically, a heavy focus lies on the application of the forest simulation model iLand.

Katharina completed both the bachelor programme in Forestry and the master programme in Forest Sciences at BOKU, graduating from the latter in 2017. Her master thesis on the topic "Effects of forest managment on the provisioning of ecosystem services under climate change in a mountain forest landscape" was supervised by Prof. Rupert Seidl and Dr. Werner Rammer at the institute of Silviculture.

Throughout her time at BOKU, Katharina has volunteered in the International Forestry Students' Association, gaining vaulable insights into forest ecosystems and forestry all over the world.


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