Meeting the Needs of Tomorrows´ Forests: New Developments in Forest Engineering

11:00 – 15:00

Guided walking tour of Vienna´s historic inner-city (Optional)

16:00 – 18:30

Registration [Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg:]

19:00 – 22:00

Icebreaker [Plachutta´s Grünspan:]


Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg

07:30 – 08:30


08:30 – 09:00

Opening – Welcome by:

University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) – Ingela Bruner

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management – Gerhard Mannsberger

Coordinator, IUFRO Division 3, Forest Operations Engineering - Hans Rudolf Heinimann

Head of Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences (BOKU) & Organizing Committee – Karl Stampfer

09:00 – 10:10

(2 x 30min +
10 min)

Keynote Speakers (Session 1)

Moderator: Karl Stampfer

1.1 The success story of solid biomass in the Austrian energy market – Kasimir Nemestothy

1.2 Developing biomass utilization in Louisiana, USA: educating policy-makers, assessing supply and demand, and integrating with forest management - Cornelis F. de Hoop; Sun J. Chang; Amith Hanumappa-Reddy; Anil Kizhakkepurakkal

10:10 – 10:40

Coffee Break

10:40 – 12:30

(5 x 20min +
10 min)

Plenary Session 2: ‘Some Experiences from Around the World’

Moderator: Rien J. M. Visser (Co-conference organizer)

2.1 Guidelines for the development of forest chips supply chain model: the Italian experience in the eastern alps - Raffaele Spinelli; Natascia Magagnotti

2.2 Human influences on harvest operations – Frank Thomas Purfürst

2.3 How to improve transportation efficiency and cost – A WSRI Study -
Tom V. Gallagher; Mathew Smidt; Tim McDonald; Robert Tufts

2.4 Object-oriented image segmentation approach for timber harvest cruising strategies in mountainous areas - Masami Shiba; Akemi Itaya

2.5 The GIS learning environments at the Insitute of Terrestrial Ecosystems of the ETH Zürich - Riccardo de Filippi; Monika Niederhuber

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:45

(5 x 20min +
5 min)

Session 3: ‘Steep Terrain Harvesting -

Moderator: Teodors Blija

3.1 Analysis about the productivity and fields of application using light weight feller buncher heads in early thinnings - Alexander Eberhardinger

3.2 Limits of uphill skidding with AGT 835 and woody 110 tractors - Jurij Marence; Bostjan Kosir

3.3 Different approaches on skidding operation and wood transport investigation: integrate two different approaches in one model - Janez Krc; Bostjan Kosir; Raffaele Cavalli; Stefano Grigolato; Daniele Lubello

3.4 Limits of wheel based timber harvesting in inclined areas - Jörg Hittenbeck

3.5 Fine development of the forests with modern high economical efficiency skidding equipments - Gehorghita Ionascu; Eugen Iordache; Rudolf Derczeni

Session 4: ‘Ergonomics’

Moderator: Walter Warkotsch

4.1 Research results on forest workers` training in Greece - Petros A. Tsioras; Paul N. Efthymiou

4.2 Analysis of noise level affecting machine operators during timber harvesting in Poland - Janusz M. Sowa; Krzysztof Leszczynski

4.3 Analyses of Shift Pattern Effect on Productivity at the Kaingaroa Central Processing Plant - Kim Rose; Rien J. M. Visser; Brent Guild

4.4 Full-mechanized harvesting in Bulgaria – the outlines of an upcoming market - Ivailo Markoff; Erik Findeisen; Sotir Gluschkov; Jiri Dvorak

4.5 Online Information Systems for today´s forest industry - Brandon Martin; Earl Kline; Steve Prisley; Rien J. M. Visser

15:45 – 16:15

Coffee Break

16:15 – 18:00

(5 x 20min +
5 min)

Session 5: ‘Soils’

Moderator: Ewald Pertlik

5.1 Timber forwarding from Croatian lowland forests – rutting and soil compaction - Tomislav Porsinsky; Igor Stankic; Dubravko Horvat; Tibor Pentek; Marijan Susnjar

5.2 Ground pressure forwarder trials: assess benefits in reducing wheel rutting - Francesco Neri; Raffaele Spinelli; John Lyons

5.3 A new training concept for the practice - Bettina Wolf; Dietmar Matthies; Johann Kremer

5.4 The impact of different carriages on soil and roots – wheels and tracks in comparison - Johann Kremer; Dietmar Matthies; Herbert Borchert

5.5 Implementation of caterpillar tractors in Bulgaria - Sotir Gluschkov; Ivailo Markoff

Session 6: ‘Steep Terrain Harvesting- Cable’

Moderator: Hans Rudolf Heinimann

6.1 Cable Logging opportunities for firewood in Calabrian forestry -
Giuseppe Zimbalatti; Andrea R. Proto

6.2 The use of high performance synthetic fibers in ropes for logging applications - Paul Smeets

6.3 Further developments of synthetic ropes for logging applications in forestry - Rudolf Kirth; Susanna Schiemer; Nikolaus Nemestothy; Siegfried Sperrer

6.4 Steep terrains and harvesting operations in the Hyrcanian Forests of Iran - Seyed Mohammad Hosseini


Dinner [Ristorante Basta:]


Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg

08:30 – 10:00

Plenary Session – Short Course

Precision Forestry - Opportunities and Challenges - Hans Rudolf Heinimann

10:00 – 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:20

(5 x 20min +
10 min)

Session 7: ‘Biomass (1)’

Moderator: Spela Pezdevsek Malovrh

7.1 Regional wood energy logistics – optimizing local fuel supply - Christian Kanzian; Franz Holzleitner; Karl Stampfer

7.2 Methods for Acquisition of Biomass Compartments - Otto Eckmüllner; Pascal Schedl

7.3 Long-term feasibility of timber and forest biomass resources at a mountainous area in Japan – Discussion on economy and energy balances - Kazuhiro Aruga; Masashi Saito; Toshiaki Tasaka;
Takuyuki Yoshioka

7.4 Eco-Efficiency of Pellet Production - Comparison of Log Wood and Sawmill Byproduct Systems – Hans Rudolf Heinimann; Jörg Hässig; Regina Wollenmann

7.5 Innovating clear-felling technique to improve harvesting of branches in maritime pine forest - Arnaud Villette; Richard Emeyriat; Maryse Bigot; Jean-Michel Boulay

Session 8: ‘Roads’

Moderator: Tom V. Gallagher

8.1 Optimum road spacing of forwarding operations: a case study in Southern Austria - Mohammad Reza Ghaffarian; Karl Stampfer; John Sessions

8.2 The applicability of different GPS – types with the survey of forest road networks in Greece – Aristoteles – Kosmas G.
Doukas; Vasileios J. Giannoulas;
Anastasia G. Stergiadou

8.3 Quality planning of forest road network – precondition of building and maintenance cost rationalisation - Tibor Pentek; Hrvoje Nevecerel; Tomislav Porsinsky; Dubravko Horvat; Marijan Susnjar; Zeljko Zecic

8.4 Multi-standard forest road network and forest harvesting system – a monorail-based new operation system for forest harvesting at steep hillside -
Toshio Nitami

8.5 Eco-development of a protected mountainous area and the improvement application of forest road - Anastasia G. Stergiadou; Panagiotis Ch. Eskioglou

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:45

(5 x 20min +
5 min)

Session 9: ‘Information Management’

Moderator: Janez Krc

9.1 Analysis of volume differences in measuring timber in forestry and wood industry - Petr Sladek; Jindrich Neruda

9.2 Quantitative and financial confrontation of electronic roundlog acceptance between harvester and measuring frame Kesat - Jiri Dvorak; Pavia Rusnakova

9.3 The grow-in and growth of pine and spruce container seedlings in the site type Hylocomiosa growing conditions - Janis Liepa

9.4 Blue stain on Norway spruce – Quality loss and effect on the storage time - Klaus Friedl

9.5 The digitized data management supported by modern technology on the Greek forest conditions -
Vasileios C. Drosos

Session 10: ‘Biomass (2)’

Moderator: Raffaele Spinelli

10.1 Wood biomass in wood harvesting and waste wood procurement in Bulgaria - Dinko Dinev

10.2 The biofuel production as a means of improvement of the quality of life - Vasileios C. Drosos; Farmakis E. Dimitrios; Vasileios J. Giannoulas

10.3 Regional wood energy logistics - Estimation of wood resources based on inventory data - Christian Kanzian; Georg Kindermann

10.4 Determination of transition rates for the energy biomass calculations in spruce stands in Latvia - Imants Liepa; Teodors Blija

10.5 Characteristics of progressive technologies of snowbreak processing and the production of energy woody biomass in young pine stands - Jindrich Neruda;
Radomir Ulrich

15:40 – 16:00

Coffee Break

16:00 – 18:05

(6 x 20min +
5 min)

Session 11: ‘Chipping Biomass’

Moderator: Cornelis de Hoop

11.1 Wood chipping service: an analysis approach in Northeastern Italy - Raffaele Cavalli; Beatrice Emer; Stefano Grigolato; Luca Zuccoli Bergomi

11.2 Biomass chipping operations: cases study in Tuscany (central italy) - Francesco Neri; Franco Piegai

11.3 Analysis of full mechanized wood chips harvesting process in the young thinning stands - Tadeusz Moskalik

11.4 Designing and Testing a Small-Scale Biomass Harvesting System in the Eastern United States - Brandon S. O’Neal; Tom V. Gallagher

11.5 Methodologies for setting timber
harvesting rates - Rien J. M. Visser

Session 12: ‘Last but not Least!’

Moderator: Thomas Steinmüller

12.1 State and problems of the system for machinery repair service in Bulgarian forestry - Georgi Tasev; Dinko Dinev

12.2 Forest stand disruption by fully
mechanized logging systems in spruce stands - Radek Jirousek; Radomir Klvac; Stanislav Liska

12.3 Forest utilisation features in alpine parts of Italy and Slovenia – Raffaele Cavalli; Bostjan Kosir

12.4 Opening up the Romanian forests: Presents and perspectives - Eugen Iordache

12.5 Determination of the impact of selected logging technologies on the tree damage level in thinned mountain stands - Janusz M. Sowa; Arakdiusz Stanczykiewicz

12.6 Multilingual web based dictionary for FORMEC - Stefka Kitanova;
Ivailo Markoff


Dinner [Heurigenlokal “Fuhrgasslhuber”:]


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