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Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2018-02-01 - 2021-01-31

The goal of this project is to establish an isotope technology platform in NÖ which underpins and supports product innovation, economic development and scientific research across a wide range of applied science disciplines. Moreover within this project we want to establish a quality management system that engenders confidence and trust in the laboratory outputs, whilst securing and developing the institutional technical knowhow of the applicants (Milestone 1). Through publications and events we want to publicize and make available this isotope technology to appropriate business stakeholders in NÖ, in order to establish business-research collaborative projects and endeavors in order to back-up the successful development of high value innovative and sustainable products (Milestone 2). Given our new role, we want to build on our NÖ networks and renew and strengthen our linkages with companies and researchers within the county and provide them access to our international networks of collaborators. Our focus will be on developing isotope tools for the development and assessment of bio-based products and solutions in the fields of sustainable agriculture, land use and protection of natural resources. Furthermore we will build on our successes in developing nature based decarbonization strategies for industry and agriculture, which are founded on isotopic investigations, and the application of compound specific stable isotope analysis for the protection of natural resources.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2018-05-08 - 2021-05-07

This project is dedicated to investigate the current status of soil nutrient availability (total nitrogen, available phoshorus, amoprhous and available silicon) and soil organic carbon in 300 Lower Austrian topsoils, re-collected from sites where the Austrian Soil Mapping collected and analysed soil samples about 30 years ago. Both re-collected and archived soils will be analysed for nutrients, pH, carbonate and organic carbon in order to assess temporal changes of the soil characteristics. Additional analysis will be conducted on soil samples collected in previous years according to the same sampling scheme. Al data will be compiled in an EXCEL database and results will be published in international journals.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2018-05-08 - 2018-11-07

In the frame of the Research Studio Austria FERTI-MINE we investigated effects of silicon amendments on grapevines in a field experiment near Krems opeated by the Viticultural School Krems. Our preliminary results indicate a partially stress-aleviating effect of silicon during fungal attack. In cooperation with the company bio-ferm we will contiinue the experiments by including also treatments with a special yeast strain. Both partners, with support by the Viticultural School Krems, will contribute towards the experimental work. Bio-ferm will conduct most of the field research while BOKU will conduct the laboratory experiments and analytical work. All partners will be involved in data analysis and publication. This project is intended to provide information for further developments such as utilization of silicon derived fom recycling materials in combination with yeast to further enhance the effect of the individual products.

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