Master & PhD-Students



  • Delelegn, Yoseph, Ms.Sc.
    Mycorrhizal biodiversity of woody ecosytems in Ethiopia
    Supervisors: Douglas Godbold (Sandén, Yitaferu)
  • Dolschak, Klaus
    Modellierung der Schwefeldynamik auf Buchenstandorten im Wienerwald
    Supervisor: Torsten W. Berger
  • Fitzky, Anne Charlotte
    Urban trees and air pollution: Effect of drought and salt stress on the production of VOC and absorption of ozone by different city trees
    Supervisor: Hans Sandén (Rewald, Godbold)
  • Gadermaier, Josef
    Supervisor: Georg Gratzer
  • Lak, Zana
    Influence of competition and freezing events on the fine root morphology and physiology of deciduous tree species.
    Supervisor: Boris Rewald  (Sandén, Godbold)
  • MuckPeter
    Influence of cover crops and “biodiversity fields” on the soil enzymatic activity and soil N and C fluxes.
    Supervisor: Boris Rewald (Bodner)
  • Rosinger,Christoph
    Diversity and ecosystem functioning in ectomycorrhizal and microbial communities.  
    Supervisor: Douglas Godbold (Sandén, Rewald)
  • SimonAlois
    Supervisor: Klaus Katzensteiner
  • Tesfay, Hafte
    Supervisor: Herbert Hager
  • Tudoroiu, Marin
    Assessing the effects of forest-atmosphere interaction on regional climate.
    Supervisor: Helmut Schume
  • TürtscherSelina
    Die Erholung der Waldböden im Wienerwald vom Sauren Regen
    Supervisor: Torsten Berger 



  • Aigner  Anton
    Inventory methodology for high-altitude aromatic plants
    Supervisor: Georg Gratzer
  • Bradley Owen
    Supervisor: Klaus Katzensteiner
  • Brakspear Clementine
    Communication between plants via mycorrhizal mycelium.
    Supervisor: Hans Sandén (Godbold)
  • Eidenmüller Nico
    Supervisor: Georg Gratzer
  • Goff Dylan
    Mycorrhiza diversity in street trees.
    Supervisor Hans Sandén (Rewald, Godbold)
  • Gröticke Daniel
    Supervisor: Helmut Schume
  • Holzner Korbinian
    Root function altered upon grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) infestation on rootstocks (Vitis spp.) Supervisor: Prof. A. Forneck (Abt. Obst und Weinbau, BOKU), PD Boris Rewald 
  • Hörzinger Fritz
    Influence of competition on plant traits and ecosystem respiration
    Supervisor: Boris Rewald (Mayer)
  • Müller Nadine
    Temperature sensitivity of CO2 fluxes of two plant functional types in a mesocosm experiment
    Supervisor: Boris Rewald (Sandén)
  • Hipfinger Christina
    Supervisor: Torsten Berger
  • Keßler David
    Supervisor: Klaus Katzensteiner
  • Mayr Vera
    Effect of abiotic stress on the root morphology of street trees.
    Supervisor: Boris Rewald (Sandén)
  • Neumann Eugen
    Verjüngung von Windwurfflächen
    Regeneration of windthrow sites
    Supervisor: Klaus Katzensteiner  
  • Ritsche Julia
    Natural regeneration dynamics of mixed oak forests in the Alentejo region, Portugal
    Supervisor: Klaus Katzensteiner
  • Sustic Dunja
    Effect of water holding polymers on the drought resistance of tree seedlings. Growth and mycorrhiza production. Supervisor: Hans Sandén (Rewald, Godbold)
  • Wimmer Ralph
    Fungicidal effects on soil heat
    Supervisor: Hans Sandén